Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a day with the nanaw's

today we went down to nanaw phyllis' & great great grandma's house to show off peanut. great great grandma is 97 yrs old and its not easy for her to travel so we went to her! the boys had a blast. they are to the age where they realize where we are going and they are no longer shy and no longer need time to 'warm up' when we get there; in fact bubba was yelling ''nanaw! nanaw!" from the car when we pulled into the driveway. granted he calls nanaw phyllis "nanaw phew phew" but he knows who she is and phyllis isn't easy to say!

we ended up visiting for about 3 hours--which considering it takes an hour to get there, an hour to get back and we were working with 2 toddlers naps and a nursing baby--i think that it went really well. i was adament about getting good pictures but again, given what i'm working with, i did the best that i could. i really wanted a pic of ALL of us with great great grandma but that didn't happen. pooks is going through a phase where he thinks its funny to run from the camera so consequently i have very few pictures with him even in them!

regardless, here they are:
peanut meeting great great grandma...i think she was excited :)
nanaw phew phew with bubba and peanut
(pooks was throwing a fit by her feet, all because i tried to sit him in the chair)
aunt nathalie admiring peanut
bubba wearing a Santa hat
peanut awake and alert
another of gg-gma holding peanut
the best one of our 8 out takes of a group shot--that was a big fail!

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