Wednesday, October 1, 2008

pictures of peanut!!!

well i had my 3D ultrasound today and i think it went quite well.

firstoff, we didn't get a gender shot so while most likely peanut is a boy, we have no 3D proof (there could still be hope!). secondly, this was purely an ultrasound to get pictures and see him, for entertainment. no measurements were taken, so i don't know how big he is or anything. on average, around 30wks i think babies are generally around 3lbs. and finally, i signed a release allowing them to use any pictures/video from today for 'media purposes' meaning that peanuts utero pics might end up in a brochure or something.

okay, enough are the pics:

he was asleep with his hands up by his face

waving "hi"
(this was bubba's favorite thing, he said ''hi baby" back while staring at my stomach)

sleeping still....

it wasn't too exciting or difficult to get good pictures of him. he was asleep so he didn't do a whole lot. he kinda picked his nose once, but otherwise he just slept with his little hands up by his face the whole time.

personally, i think he's adorable! he definitely had B's nose and my chin...i think he looks alot like bubba except chubbier, lol. nanaw thinks he is the spitting image of pooks. and B, well he can't decide!

as of now, he is still nameless but hopefully not for long. now that i have a face to go with the name, i'm hoping we can narrow it down.

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  1. Peanut is adorable! What are you going to name this baby?


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