Friday, October 3, 2008

happy hour!

today i really wanted to get some good pictures of the boys, especially pooks. he moves to flippin' fast that every picture i take of him is usually blurry. and that says quite a bit since i have a pretty high-speed camera.

well, i figured out a way to get him to stay in one spot--let him have a Sonic drink... now hear me out.

about once a week if the boys take their afternoon nap without getting out of bed, then we got to Sonic for happy hour. they are fully aware of what this means as well. when i lay them down i say ''you need to take your naps and stay in bed. if you lay down and go to sleep, without getting up then we will get a sonic drink and play outside''. i'll be honest, i'm not going to lie, the drink is more for me than them. the only real craving i've had this entire pregnancy is for dr.pepper with LOTS of ice. add to that, Sonic has "Happy Hour" everyday from 2-4 with half price drinks. if they are learning consequences/rewards then technically its a learning experience right? "if i do a + b then c will happen." completely educational ;)

so anyways today they napped from 12:45-3:00pm! if that doesn't deserve some sort of treat i don't know what does! so we get their diapers changed, hop in the car and head on over to Sonic.

bubba immediately tells me he wants a ''pepsi mama'' (clear as day he says this mind you), i get my Dr. P and then i got a small ice water for pooks. no i'm not biased, its not that one kid can have soda and the other can't--pooks is more than welcome to sip out of mine but i'm not going to let him carry around a cup full of pepsi. plus, he feels like hot stuff just having the cup! LOL.

as soon as we got home i let them play outside. the following is a ton of pics. pooks loved his cup. he drank the entire thing (minus a small amount that he spilt all over the driveway, then stomped in). he would not put it down. he'd walk around, play with the pumpkins, push a truck but his cup was with him at all times. he was so thrilled and i love all the pictures i managed to capture.


"hmm...this tastes a lot like water."
his hair reminds me of an oompa loompa's!

watching his brother play...i swear he sat still for over 5 minutes!
"well i kinda wanna play....but then i want my cup too....."
"hey look ma, a pumpkin!"
(did i mention that he never set the cup down?)
very excited about a grasshopper, which honestly he probably would have tried to eat if it weren't for the dang cup!
and naturally, i couldn't leave out bubba. here are a couple...he was pretty interested in playing with grass and leaves--hauling and dumping them in his dump truck so i didn't get too many pics.
excited about an airplane

pedaling his tricycle! this is new--within the last week or so. he totally acts like he can't do it, but when you aren't looking, he pedals around.
and finally, the grand finale of pics:

me: "can you guys sit a little closer to your brother?"

p.s.--i have to add that all these pics were taken in manual mode! woohoo! i'm finally learning my!


  1. They just crack me up....So freakin adorable.

  2. Your boys are totally hot S!!! You and B are going to have your hands full!!!...heck, you probably already do!!


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