Saturday, September 27, 2008

Race for a Cure...

here are all the pictures from today. we had a lot of fun! the weather was nice, and the turn out was really good. there were 7,500 people registered to walk/run/race, and several booths and companies and activites.
all of us, right before the race
waiting for the race to start
aunt debbie with belle-belle; they joined us for the walk
bubba with energizer bunny ears
pooks being silly eating an apple
the boys waiting patiently to start....
the whole Mom's group getting ready to jump in the crowd
the starting line
nanaw, aunt debbie and the kiddos walking
the finishing line...the whole thing took less than 20 mins

i want to say thank you to those who donated, and for aunt debbie and belle joining us. total, with our registration fees and donations, nanaw, myself and the boys raised $155. woohoo! not to bad for just deciding to participate 2 weeks ago!

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  1. This is a great cause! Thank you for your support and helping my family also!


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