Friday, September 5, 2008

the name game

okay so its 1am and i'm still up for 2 reasons:

1-i have heartburn and laying down hurts
2-because i am still awake, i am over analyzing the fact that peanut still doesn't have a real name (and thus probably inadvertently keeping myself awake)

honestly, right now, numero two is bothering me the most. i don't understand why we can't pick a name for him. with bubba and pooks right after we found out they were boys, we just knew. like we said the name and it felt right and it stuck. with pooks i had doubts the week before i had him but as soon as he was born, i knew the original name was right. i don't know how or why, but pooks is---pooks! it just fits.

so why can't we freaking pick a name? you may think we can't agree on one. wrong. we have a LIST of names that we both like but none of them scream out ''pick me! pick me!" its frustrating.

so i am turning to my blog readers. what the heck should we name peanut? screw the poll, just in the comment section-- leave your suggestions. here is mine and B's list of "okay" names:


*okay so right now (as in like 5 seconds ago) i suggested the name Ethan and B repeated it. then said it with bubba and pooks real names and decided that its his favorite. i do like it and its kinda odd how it literally JUST came to me as i'm bitching about not deciding on a name....hmmm.

Ethan? love it or hate it? let me know or suggest others! the list was just to give you an idea of what kind of names we like.

p.s.--i know some of you are loyal readers but never comment. crawl out of the woodwork. show yourselves at least on this post. PLEASE! share your opinion, by honest--trust me, i can take it ;)


  1. I like Ethan alot, and it really fits with bubba and pooks real names. My vote is for Ethan.

  2. I like Ethan alot. One reason is it ends in n and goes along with the other little guys. SET

  3. I really like Ethan. I agree that it fits with the other boys well. Hope you are doing ok and hope to see you sometime soon!

  4. I don't really care what the names are EXCEPT:

    NO - Madden
    - Keagan (You know what that really means)
    - Carson

    The only other thing I would mention, and you'll hate me for this, is that Ethan is at the top (or dang near it) of the current most popular boys names. Way to break new ground there.

    Much love!

  5. I love the name ethan, and it fits so well with the boys' names!

  6. Just remember to worry about the initials of firt, middle and last name... you don't want something that they will be made fun later...

    What is B's middle name? What is grandfather's names??

    If none of these don't feel right, than don't pick them...

    Maybe, just maybe, it really is a girl so that is why you are struggling with names.. :)

    What about Trey for the number 3??
    Just a thought.

    You will find the right name, you just haven't yet.

    love and miss you guys!

    -big D-

  7. I think that you guy's should just wait until peanut shows up. I bet that when you meet peanut it will just come to you.
    Although I do kinda like Big D's thought that maybe our he is actually a she:)
    Love, Nanaw

  8. Here you go master. I listened and posted a comment =)
    I like alot of the names you have listed!
    Ethan is very cute, and so is Colin! =)Good luck picking a name mama.

  9. All of your names are great! I pick Ethan too!!!


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