Saturday, September 6, 2008

boys and their toys

today we took the kids to a local fundraiser; a kind of kiddy carnival in an old airport hanger. it was directed for boys (the little boy it was in honor of was born at 28weeks!) but i guess little girls would have had fun too! they had jump houses, a petting zoo, tattoos, a police car, a fire engine, an airplane, a helicopter, the SWAT team, popcorn, sno cones, a clown who did balloon animals and raffles for kids toys.

honestly we've been looking forward to taking the boys for about 2 weeks now, but we weren't sure we were going to even go--it was only 59 degrees out and sprinkling at 10am. B called and the event was still on, and it was for a good cause so we decided to brave the weather and head out.

i'm glad we did! the boys seemed to have a lot of fun. bubba loved the firetruck, airplane and police cars and pooks LOVED the petting zoo. pooks however HATED the clown. seriously, that clown could be anywhere in pooks line of sight and he'd cry and cling to B. even if the guy was 150ft away, pooks would point and cry. the odd thing was--this clown wasn't even scary! clowns freak me out but this one didn't. he wasn't wearing a wig, he wasn't acting stupid--it was just a guy with some silly eye make up and pants making balloon animals. IDK what his deal was but apparently a fear of clowns may be hereditary...

anyways on to the pics! most are pretty self-explanatory-enjoy ;)

posing with a cop car--i wanted them in the back but it was locked!
the airplane that they later saw take off
pooks wasn't a fan (of the clown to the left)
Meeting the SWAT team and seeing a helicopter
with a police tattoo
pooks loved feeding the pony (and honestly its teeth were huge and scary!)
pooks' tattoo--the jolly roger
even bubba got a kick out of feeing the animals
time to go--clown was too close for comfort!

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  1. How fun!!!! What a great outing for the family! Thanks for posting the pics!


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