Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what's better than a popsicle??

why two popsicle's of course!

nanaw gave the boys each a popsicle this afternoon, followed by a second popsicle because the first wasn't enough, LOL. she bought this mini-popsicles just for the boys--each popsicle is maybe 1/2 inch wide and 2 inches long on a mini popsicle stick.

that sounds ideal but in all reality, its just not enough popsicle for 2 growing boys! pooks inhaled his and then looked at like nanaw like ''hello? do we see my hand is empty?" well once bubba saw that pooks got a 2nd popsicle, he went ahead and inhaled his too.

Saying "Cheese" while working on his 2nd one
Mr.Mischievous with his 1st one
the result was two very happy, but two very sticky toddlers!

pooks REALLY liked his popsicles
bubba savoring his 2nd one (in front of an empty handed pooks)


  1. I was the one giving the popsicles and I still had to laugh at the pics. Just adorable. Nanaw

  2. Great pics - the boys are so cute!! Good blood!!


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