Tuesday, August 12, 2008

what do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow?


(if you totally don't get it- say the answer out loud.)

LOL. i love that joke! i know, that was random but so is this post. i have a bunch of pictures to upload from the last couple days but they are pretty random. the only thing they have in common is that they are of the boys ;)

first off, the baby doll. i'd say that overall it went well. they loved on her and kissed her and bubba even put her down for a nap! (in his cars bed) pooks would put her in the shopping cart and push her around. total they probably played with her for maybe 30mins combined out of the whole day but they did seem to enjoy it!

the baby (which B says is ''freaky'' and creeps him out)
bubba with baby and arf's
pooks giving her some lovin'
on another note, for his birthday pooks got this crayola ''tadoodles'' markers. they are designed for toddlers hands and to be ''low'' mess. yeah--not so sure about that but i know it could have been worse!

first of all they have some flaws. the way they are shaped, the kids kept trying to color with the bottom part while the marker tip just colored their palms. of which (naturally) bubba didn't like because he doesn't like to be messy. i corrected him a couple times and he finally seemed to relax but he never really got into it. pooks was just making a mess and throwing his paper, lol.

he was really trying but the thing is sideways. see the red all over the palm of his hand?

bubba didn't like how it made his fingers green

finally relaxed with some ''real'' crayons

the next pic is meant as a joke! while i think everyone knows that, i thought i would clarify. we did the same thing to bubba when he was like 7mos old(?) but hadn't done it (yet!) to pooks.

typical guy, drinks too much and passes out watching tv!
just being silly. he'll get a kick out of it when he's older. (btw its a bottle of Malibu Rum)


  1. Very cute pics and it looks like pooks is about to bite the poor baby, not kiss it. Gotta say apparently I am really stupid because i just don't get the brown chicken brown cow thing. Yes, I said it out loud.... Oh well I'm sure my lovely daughter will be glad to explain it to me:)

    Love, Nanaw

  2. Hey S, I don't get the joke! Really, you do just a great job with your blog - you really should have a video of the Brown Cow Chicken joke! Thanks for the pics! Adorable boys!

  3. I'm glad that you didn't give them your creepy doll that you used to have in your basement!

  4. BTW- I may be the only one that gets the joke!


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