Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It has been forever!

since i posted...sorry!

we're at my parents house for two weeks because of B's job, so we've been busy! the boys have so much fun with nanaw and papa, being silly and getting away with anything! goldfish and oreos for breakfast? sure if nanaw is here. PB&J on white bread? yep. staying up til midnight? yeah, why not! LOL.

add that to the fact that its been storming, i've had a crappy internet connection, we were without cable for 2 days, the boys have been sick and we've been to the ER twice, i had my first OB appt---we've been busy.

firstoff, the ER visits. *sigh* i'm just going to sum it up. both boys had high fevers over this weekend...i'm talking almost 104, if not above. after 2 visits, it turns out pooks has a UTI and a viral infection and bubba has a viral infection. if they aren't better over the next day, i have to take them back for a blood test because they might have mono. ugh! today is better though. pooks does not have a fever and is just sleeping the day away with a rash. and bubba, he has a fever, no desire to eat but is in good spirits and will drink anything. we'll see!

i did have my first OB appt yesterday and everything looks great! i'm right were i thought, 13 weeks. i got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, it was 156! that is a great strong heartbeat. i'm measuring good, and i had to do all the labwork. my next appt is july 7th and i might get an ultrasound then. hopefully we will and we'll find out we're having a little girl *wink*

for the fun stuff (before the boys got sick) we did go to the zoo, we've gone mall walking, I got to have a bit of girl time and see "sex in the city", we've hung out with baby hope and auntie S, gone to the playground, played Wii with uncle matt and papa, and pooks even got his haircut! unfortunately i forgot to charge our little camera so i haven't gotten any pics from playing at the playground or the zoo (i don't like to take my DSLR to places like that). but i did get pooks haircut in pictures. here ya go! I'll add the outside play pictures later.
just getting started:
"hey, that tickles":
all done!:
the finished cut:
keep in mind he was sick, so he looks a bit miserable, but it is considerably shorter and he looks like a big boy!

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  1. You are the best mom I have ever known!


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