Monday, May 12, 2008

pictures from Mom's Day

here are the pics, as promised!

our family (taken by self-timer, not too shabby!) before dinner

bubba cleaning up (lol, we wish!)after dinner we went to the park--

the boys in their new ride, that i picked out ;)

bubba on the monkey bars--by HIMSELF! pooks watching bubba play
all the boys on the 'big' slide B and pooks coming down...
these are a couple from today...

bubba looking for his ga-ga. other than this instance, he didn't ask or talk about it all day!

pooks smiling outside, after dinner. he has 5 teeth now!

and a belly shot. *sigh* the growth is starting to get ridiculous! but, i'll take it for another healthy lil tic tac! this is 9 weeks and 2 days:


  1. What a cute little belly! I doesn't take long for the pooch with #3!!!

  2. How cute! Love the new stroller, Look at Bubba so big on the monkey bars! Cant wait to see the fam!
    Auntie S


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