Monday, April 21, 2008

the promised pictures....

here are *some* of the pics from saturday. i still need to update with all the random pics from this weekend and even some from last week because i've been slacking.

but without further ado:
bubba and pooks before the party
(i made all the great great grandkids shirts that read:
"I'm Great Great Grandma's Favorite-No, Really I am.")
bubba and pooks and cousin belle belle (pooks and belle switched binkies)
all 3 cousins being silly
belle-belle and bubba on a walk picking grandmas "pretty yellow flowers"
pooks with great great grandma
5 GENERATIONS!!!grandma with all her great-great grandkids
uncle M with his grandmas
pooks eating a rib?!


  1. Belle and Bubba look so grown up strolling down the path... Sure goes by fast huh?

  2. Really nice photos! Have you entered in a photo contest yet?


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