Wednesday, April 9, 2008


tonight i busted out my 'yoga for your pregnancy' DVD. i really really really want to have this baby 100% naturally like i did pooks so i figure i better start strengthening up now. between the yoga and work, i should be able to make it through labor and delivery *better* than i did last time. (maybe my screams won't scare the 1st time moms, lol).

anyways, as i was following the dvd, bubba decided he was going to too. b didn't get very many pictures (he was actually cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes, so i can't complain) are the ones he did get.

bubba and i in the 'home seat' position (i think thats what its called, lol--its hard to hear when 2 little ones are working out with you):

while bubba and i were inhaling and exhaling, pooks was trying to turn it off! apparently yoga is not one of pooks interests!(i love the look of determination on his face, lol)

it was really cute when we were relaxing and loosening our legs (bubba sat on the floor next to me ''relaxing'' his (aka-kicking), and as i was attempting to move into the bridge position, bubba decided to sit ON me. not very relaxing.
from now on, i think i'll do the yoga AFTER the boys' bedtime. (which btw mom, they went to bed at 8:45 tonight--and still screamed. i don't know what the issue is!)

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  1. Check you out!! Amazing as always!


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