Wednesday, April 2, 2008


today was pooks silly day. i swear everything he did today was just too silly! his newest thing is scrunching up his face, tilting his head back and ''smiling'' when you have the camera and tell him "Cheese". he looks slightly crazy but you can't help but laugh. here ya go, see for your self!
"CHEESE" in the tub

a sly little "CHEESE"
and the infamous wave while cheesing, lol

here are a few other random pics from today. every morning now that bubba is in his big boy bed, he comes into our room and crawls into bed with me. we play til pooks wakes up. once pooks is up i get them dressed and they play some more while mommy wakes up. here are my little peeping toms this morning:

being cheesy in bed
oh and i absolutely can't forget to add these pics in here too! me wearing little miss diva in my homemade sling. i made this when i was preggo with pooks, hence why its teal instead of a 'girly' color. but she was very content and she feel asleep right away. i was able to watch both boys, and the baby while Auntie S got a nice long hot shower. it worked out perfectly!! she started to get sleep, i gave her her binky and about 30 secs after this pic...she was out!

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  1. Your kids are ADORABLE!! And not to mention my little neice over there!!


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