Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A weeks worth of pics

i've been in a funk lately and haven't had time to update my blog. i think i'm getting sick, i know i'm tired and i've been super busy at work so i haven't had time to add pics. (it takes more time that you think once i resize them!). anyways, here are some pics of the boys from march 1st to today. pooks modeling another pair of babyleggs. with Stewie from "family guy" on them.

me and pookie smooching!

the boys being silly together. and yes, they did this completely on their own.

them eating lunch yesterday, whole grain mac&cheese and cut up hotdogs. bubba refused to eat off his own tray and he also insisted on saying ''cheese!!"

hmmm...who does he remind you of in this pic??
overall the "big'' news is bubba has moved up to his big boy bed! well okay, so that envolved taking off the side rail to his crib, but still. it was emotional, especially since B did it without me. we did go ahead and get a safety rail for a twin bed, hence why it looks huge compared to the toddler bed its on. Cost wise, its better this way. We won't need a toddler rail for pooks so it just made more sense.
(btw, he doesn't usually sleep in his shoes and jacket, he fell asleep in the car and i carried him to his bed)

pooks' little teeth are *finally* all the way through the gum line. you can now see his pearly whites when he smiles. he stood up in the playpen again today so i just know that one of these days, he's gonna take off!


  1. Where do I begin, I just love every one of those pic's. Pooks in the grandma says shirt,those leggings,and don't even get me started on bubba and his cheesy smile. I think bubba kinda looks like his crazy uncle matt in that one pic.Yes Shannon, I'll admit that he does look really small in the toddler bed. Thanks for updating the blog , they are adorable.
    love, nanaw

  2. That is one attracting looking man on that cell phone picture.

    No doubt.

  3. Whew! You have been busy. Thank you for taking the time. Mom's are busy people, what a gift!

  4. Love all the pics. Your kids are so cute! I love that they play together

  5. I love the second pic of the two of you kissing!!! How cute!


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