Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Potty Time!!!

woohoo! this morning i asked bubba if he wanted to go "pee pee in the big potty" he said ''no''. well, i set him on it anyways and brushed his teeth, wiped off his face, etc. then we started looking at a magazine, etc. well it took about 20 mins but he went potty! so he got to put on his "Cars" pull ups. i then moved his little potty into the living room and reminded him that if he was going to potty to do it on his elmo potty and not on the cars. well, a little while later he tugged at himself and said ''ma" so I put him on the potty and he went again! the great thing is he didn't even want a sticker or m&m's! after lunch and before his nap i asked him again and he said 'no' but i put him on the reg. potty anyways and he went again right away. i'm so proud of him!! now *hopefully* he'll keep going on the potty and he'll be potty trained by his birthday (thats my goal.) woohoo!! here are some pics...

hmmm...i wonder where he learned this from ;)

even while on the potty, he can cheese it up for a picture! silly boy!

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