Wednesday, February 27, 2008

guess who is going potty again!?!

no, not B..haha! but if you guessed bubba you were right! (more later)

today we went to meet gma phyllis at her dr appt; she was with nanaw and aunt d but we rode down with our cousins. uncle matt and rachel came too!! it was so much fun! the kiddos got along great despite the 2.5 hour car ride and the approximately $391 speeding ticket that i got before i even left city limits! but we had a lot of fun, the kiddos had fun showing off for their nanaw's, being silly with each other and making a huge mess at lunch. (don't worry, we left a good tip!)

so anyways on to the potty news! so we're at lunch and uncle matt got up to go to the bathroom. bubba wanted to know where he was going and we said he was going "pee pee in the potty because he's a big boy. do you want to go pee pee in the potty?" to my ultimate surprise he said "uh huh" so we hauled booty to the bathroom and as I was pulling off his diaper he said "no" and shook his head. well i told him that if he went pee pee in the potty then he would get to give nanaw and uncle matt High 5's....that was the trick. he peed instantly!

long story short he did it 2 more times this evening, all for a High 5! its amazing! between the last two potty trips, his diaper was dry! its so exciting! i don't want to get TOO excited but things are looking up. :D

as for pooks, he had his 9 month check up yesterday. he is doing great! 20lbs 14oz, 27.5 inches long and his head was 18 inches around! basically he is in the 50th percentile for weight, the 25th for height and the 75th for head circumference! while he's a little uneven he is right on track for him (basically he's following the same curve he alwasys has). developmentally wise, other than crawling he is right on track. he can play peek a boo, he can put things in a container, he says 'dada', he can stand--he's just perfect (well in my opinion!).

OH! and in other exciting bubba related news--

today we were coloring and i colored with the blue crayon, asked bubba what color it was... he said ''blue''. no surprise everything to him is blue. then i colored the giraffe yellow and asked him what color the giraffe was. he pointed right to the giraffe and said "wellwhoa" aka, yellow...WHAT?! pottying and knowing his colors in one day!? how can one mom get so lucky!


  1. Yea bubba, what a genious........... Don't forget that he also can say yoo hoo. He did that to show off for his nanaw's. Also don't worry pooks will soon grow into that body. In my opionion they are both perfect.


  2. You're the best mom! Teaching the kids their colors, ABC's, bathroom stops, dining. Truly S, I bet B is ready for a G!!!...thats girl! ha!

  3. Yeah, but how is B's potty training going?? ha!!

    -big D


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