Monday, January 28, 2008


well today we ran all of our errands in the morning, as usual but today we had to go to babies r us too, which we rarely do because frankly i think they are overpriced. but, i digress. at BRU i bought pooks a 'big boy' high chair like bubba's. i am so sick of how much space the big high chair takes up but mostly i feel bad because he's eating all by himself while we are all seated at the table. this solves that problem and the boys love it! as soon as bubba saw me taking it out of the box he looked over at his. i told him "this chair is for pooks so he can eat with you". do you know what he did? he went over to his own chair and pulled and dragged it over so it was beside pooks'. how stinking cute is that?? adorable.

anyways, here are the pics. in the first one you can just see how happy pooks is in the background!

just enjoying lunch side by side...(well pooks was working on his appetizer...cheerios!)

pooks looking like SUCH a big boy in his new chair. he was eating those kraft cheese crumbles...he loves them and they are perfect baby size! too cute!
the best part was: i got the normally $30 booster chair for $16.99. thanks to someone at BRU either not knowing how to stock shelves or read price labels, the chair was marked $19.99. which when it rang up ''wrong'' i told her. she checked and yep, it was suppose to be $19.99. plus i had a 15%off coupon. holla!

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