Saturday, January 19, 2008

a million and one pics...almost!


these were all taken tonight, after dinner. we played around for a good hour and i managed to get quite a few pictures, most are adorable (naturally!). the boys are doing great, and pooks rolled over from back to belly today!!! that might seem minor, but i really needed it! big accomplishment but no pic....anywho, this should help you get a fix for awhile!

the boys sharing sippy cups

bubba sitting on pooks, having fun!

uh-oh, bubba has a look in his eye....

how you can tell pooks has had enough! (j/k, idk what he was doing!)

pooks in his first pair of sneaks!
... and making them his own with a touch of drool
bubba flying
me and my boys!
whoa, pooks walking!? nope, just standing hands free for a mili-second
bubba plotting can just tell!
this was actually taken yesterday, the boys were on the computer talking to nanaw and papa over the webcam. bubba was giving kisses!


  1. What a great pic of you S!!! Are you having a boy or girl? I can't remember but one thing for sure!! You are glowing! Congrats!

  2. That picture of Pooks with his tennis shoes on and his big smile is the cutest!! What a cute little guy (yeah, both of them are!) but that picture...oh my! He is gonna be a heartbreaker!!


  3. Pooks and Bubba are the cutest children ever! I may be a little bias though. I just saw them on Wednesday, but I miss them already...Give them hugs and kisses for me.


  4. P.S. The Cheerios picture is now on my desk top. I think that it should be in some kind of calendar or something. Too cute!



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