Friday, December 14, 2007

completely off topic, but do you know what I HATE?

i hate when you take NYquil, and it makes you MORE awake. WTF is that about? its 1 am, i've been up since 6am yesterday---HELLO, i need sleep but i'm too restless. so, i'm taking out my boredom on my blog, and thus the readers of my blog.

so, just to clarify, some things that i hate:

-nyquil, apparently
-when one side of your nose is runny and the other is all stuffed up
- our old Explorer. i hated that thing.
- fish. fish anything. the ONLY way i eat fish is tuna, and only in tuna salad--the way my mama fixed it ;)
- how flippin' crowded walmart is ALL THE TIME! i dread going there
-how fast my kids are growing up
-the mouse that is cohabiting my closet. i want it dead, yesterday.
-when someone says 'whats up' then keeps walking without even listening to your answer. just say 'hi' if you really don't care whats up. i hate that
- when older people say things like OMG!, WTF?,'re not cool, you're old, you probably spent 5 minutes thinking the intials in your head before you even said it outloud...don't even bother.
-drew carey on the price is right
-that starbucks is so pricey...kinda kills the habit this time of year when funds are already 'snug'
-how long john silvers and kfc's food isn't really half bad, but the restaurants are always so dirty and the skeevy-ass people are working there. not comforting
- how magazine subscriptions send out 48 'FINAL NOTICES' when your subscription is about up. i'm pretty sure they start sending them out right after your first copy arrives....
-how tmobile charges you .40cents for every minute you go over...gets me every other month.
-when you go to the store for one thing, on your list, then realize you forgot it as you're buckling the second car seat. especially when that item is kleenex and you have a cold.
-how when men get sick they act like they are dying. hello i carried a baby for over 9 months, twice, then pushed two out, one completely natural with no medication. cry me a river about your damn scratchy throat. man up!
-clowns. they are creepy, not funny and completely unnecessary. i really hate them.

wow, thats a long list and i'm sure i could think of even more but i'm gonna try this whole sleep thing again

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  1. S - ok, it is established. What are things that you love???


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