Friday, October 26, 2007

he POOPED in the potty!!

i know, this may be tmi but i don't care. its my blog and i'll share what i want! :) haha...

but he did do it! bubba went #2 in the potty last night! day two of potty training and he went #1 8times yesterday (YAY!!!) and #2 once in his little elmo potty. i even took a picture of him standing by the potty with his poop...but i haven't posted it. i dont know about posting poop pics on the internet. lol.

i do have a non-disgusting, somewhat funny potty story. yesterday he pee'd in the potty, he got 5 m&ms for going and was pumped. well, since he JUST went i put him in his little boxer briefs (that are super cute btw!). i'm on the phone with my mom and she says ''take a pic to post on your blog'', well i get the camera, come back and he is standing by the sliding glass door, watching the dogs. well, there's this wet spot all on the floor. so i say ''did you go potty? just went, it must be water or something." (we do have 2 dogs!) to my mom. well i clean up the water, turn around to take his pic and his boxers were soaked! IT WAS PEE!! so needless to say, i put him back in a diaper, washed my hands, cleaned the floor with lysol, washed my hands again and listened to my mom laugh her head off!

lesson learned: don't let a little boy stand in just boxers, in front of a cool draft

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  1. It was just as funny reading your post as it was hearing it when it all happened. Told you it was hilarious.............



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