Friday, October 12, 2007

And we're back!

yay! so we are all moved in, checked out of the hotel (finally!!!) and in our house. after going without internet for almost 4 days, i'm back and ready to play catch up.
-first off, pictures. people are begging for them and i promised to deliver. here are a few. i will also be making a seperate post with some videos for a special someone. :)
the pics.....

(yes, he is in a drawer, in the hotel room....he's nuts!)

now that you have your fix, here's an update!

we are moved in, almost every room is completely done except for the spare room (aka guest/computer/play room). bubba and pooks are doing really good. they've seemed to adjust quite well. bubba really loves all the extra space...he rides his car EVERYWHERE and by that i am including the laundry room and bathroom. pooks is pooks, lol, he's sleeping like usual! he has started rolling over in his sleep so occasionally he'll wake up backwards and we have to flip him in order for him to go back to sleep. we just started him on cereal yesterday, he tries to hijack any food that you eat so we decided he was ready! well, thats all for this post...


  1. Those pic's are just adorable as I would expect. They are so cute and thanks for giving me my fix :) I am looking forward to seeing my special pic's and video. Luv you guys and miss you.


  2. How fun at the Pumpkin patch!!


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