Saturday, October 27, 2007

a preview of things to come...

bubba is a monkey
pooks is my lil' stinker, a skunk

a monkey who loves airplanes!

a 'deer in the headlights look' on a skunk?!

skunk vs. monkey....skunk wins!!

pooks and i

Well, as you can see I dug out the boys costumes today. I tried so hard to get a good pic of both boys together, that didn't happen (unless you count the tackle pic, which may have been staged) so we'll have to try again later. I also want to get a pic of the whole family together, but that's easier said that done when you have 2 under 2! especially outside when a certain 'monkey' gets easily distracted by airplanes and you live in the 'air capital of the world (off topic, but is that even something to brag about?!). anywho, i'm sure that there will be more Halloween pics to come. i still have to capture my monkey long enough to get a picture of us together!

Friday, October 26, 2007

he POOPED in the potty!!

i know, this may be tmi but i don't care. its my blog and i'll share what i want! :) haha...

but he did do it! bubba went #2 in the potty last night! day two of potty training and he went #1 8times yesterday (YAY!!!) and #2 once in his little elmo potty. i even took a picture of him standing by the potty with his poop...but i haven't posted it. i dont know about posting poop pics on the internet. lol.

i do have a non-disgusting, somewhat funny potty story. yesterday he pee'd in the potty, he got 5 m&ms for going and was pumped. well, since he JUST went i put him in his little boxer briefs (that are super cute btw!). i'm on the phone with my mom and she says ''take a pic to post on your blog'', well i get the camera, come back and he is standing by the sliding glass door, watching the dogs. well, there's this wet spot all on the floor. so i say ''did you go potty? just went, it must be water or something." (we do have 2 dogs!) to my mom. well i clean up the water, turn around to take his pic and his boxers were soaked! IT WAS PEE!! so needless to say, i put him back in a diaper, washed my hands, cleaned the floor with lysol, washed my hands again and listened to my mom laugh her head off!

lesson learned: don't let a little boy stand in just boxers, in front of a cool draft

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

proud momma day!!

i love my kids.

they are growing up SO flipping fast! pooks is on solids now, slowly but surely. so far he has loved everything he's tried. cereal, bananas, pears, and even PEAS! tonight he tried it, and he liked it...a whole jar of it! he's also now able to stay sitting up if you sit him. obviously he's can't sit all by himself but he is sitting. so that deserves a YAY POOKS!!!

now onto bubba's 'i make mommy proud' moment. HE USED THE POTTY 5 TIMES TODAY! we just started introducing it yesterday. we try to get him to use it before and after his bath. well, last night he peed before and after his bath! that was impressive but today was way better. he went this morning, and he prompted it. i was doing my make up and peeing, when he started to sit on it, so i took off his diaper. he pee'd and earned himself a handful of m&m's. then later we were at my mother-in-law's house and he started grabbing the front of his diaper. so i rushed him to the bathroom and he went, in the big potty! he then went 3 more times tonight!! i am so excited its not even funny! i am **beaming**!!!!
here are the pics:
bubba eating his oatmeal this morning!

pooks eating oatmeal this morning!

pooks sitting up and making faces at mommy!

sitting up playing with his brother!

So proud to use his potty! he even gave elmo a high-5! ''mom, seriously i'm trying to eat my peas''
i love peas!

pooks tackled him yesterday!
got 'em again today!

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

too many pics...

with nanaw at the pumpkin patch ''excuse me ma'am, you have your license and registration?" pooks is too excited to pretend to be a state trooper!! bubba after his 'own' frappachino....aka, a sample but he thought he was HOT stuff! papa teaching bubba how to play the drums
well, i guess i had too many pics to add these to my other post, but here are the rest of the pictures from this weekend :)

Busy Busy Weekend!

whew, we had a very busy weekend! we went to nanaw and papa's house this weekend (well fri-mon). while there we visited with nanaw and papa (of course!), matt and rachel were there too. basically the boys were spoiled rotten the whole time...hmm, imagine that! we took them to the pumpkin patch on saturday. it was a gorgeous day and i think we all had fun. bubba was a little sleepy, so that translates to grumpy in the pics. pooks slept some of the time, but was awake for the most part. we were going to go on a hayrack ride and pick our own pumpkins, but it was going to be over 45mins, and with two babies, thats just too long to wait for a stinkin' pumpkin. anyways, here are the pics. some are from the pumpkin patch, some are from nanaws and papa's. enjoy!
pooks and mommy:

mommy and her boys:

rachel and nanaw helping bubba pick a pumpkin out:

Friday, October 12, 2007 many posts in one day?

told ya i was playing catch up! here is another fun comparison shot:

hi nana

i didn't forget pooks....

Hi Nana

here ya go!

And we're back!

yay! so we are all moved in, checked out of the hotel (finally!!!) and in our house. after going without internet for almost 4 days, i'm back and ready to play catch up.
-first off, pictures. people are begging for them and i promised to deliver. here are a few. i will also be making a seperate post with some videos for a special someone. :)
the pics.....

(yes, he is in a drawer, in the hotel room....he's nuts!)

now that you have your fix, here's an update!

we are moved in, almost every room is completely done except for the spare room (aka guest/computer/play room). bubba and pooks are doing really good. they've seemed to adjust quite well. bubba really loves all the extra space...he rides his car EVERYWHERE and by that i am including the laundry room and bathroom. pooks is pooks, lol, he's sleeping like usual! he has started rolling over in his sleep so occasionally he'll wake up backwards and we have to flip him in order for him to go back to sleep. we just started him on cereal yesterday, he tries to hijack any food that you eat so we decided he was ready! well, thats all for this post...