Sunday, September 30, 2007


hey guys, i had a quick minute so i thought i would update on us.

we're in the big city now. living out of a hotel til our rental house is ready. (they are laying down new carpet and kitchen flooring, woohoo!) the boys are doing really good considering all the changes and being out of routine. bubba has being going to bed super late for him...close to 11pm, but on the plus side he's sleeping til 8:30 or after in the morning. woohoo! no more 5am crap. i cannot belive how much he is talking now! he started saying 'football (fooffall)' 'touchdown (toodown)' 'steph (teff) ' 'golf (olff)''bye guys (byes guys)' all within the last week!?! its crazy!

pooks is doing good too. he's sleeping alot and growing. he can now roll belly-to-back like a pro, and if you support him he'll sit and stand. he loves to smile and laugh. he's a little social butterfly! i can't believe he's over 4 months old! he's sleeping thru the night too...from about 8pm til 5am, then he eats and goes back to sleep til almost 8 am. its wonderful. despite having two babies, i still get a full nights sleep! holla! :)

the boys had their check ups on thursday. bubba is 18 mos old, 23lbs and 31 inches tall. that puts him in the 25% percentile; a little on the small side but proportioned and healthy! pooks is opposite side of the spectrum...he's in the 75% percentile! 4 mos old, 16lb6oz and 25.5inches long...again healthy and proportionate, just big! there is only a 6lbs and 6 inches size difference between them. i'll update with pics once we get settled...they movers packed the camera cord so i can't transfer the pics yet. more later!


  1. Very cool!! Send me your new address! Can't wait to see new pictures of everything. Take care!!


  2. I miss my Tach boys :(
    How is everyone doing? Can't wait for you to get settled in so that I can come visit. It will be nice to go West on I-70. That will be a change! Give the boys kisses from their Auntie Michelle


  3. Hey there! Good to hear from you! Glad life is going good for you and the family! I appreciate you keeping us posted on the happenings!

  4. I just love reading about my boys and now that you have the internet I better start getting some good updates. I really miss you guys so get me some new pictures to help me out. love you


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