Sunday, September 30, 2007


hey guys, i had a quick minute so i thought i would update on us.

we're in the big city now. living out of a hotel til our rental house is ready. (they are laying down new carpet and kitchen flooring, woohoo!) the boys are doing really good considering all the changes and being out of routine. bubba has being going to bed super late for him...close to 11pm, but on the plus side he's sleeping til 8:30 or after in the morning. woohoo! no more 5am crap. i cannot belive how much he is talking now! he started saying 'football (fooffall)' 'touchdown (toodown)' 'steph (teff) ' 'golf (olff)''bye guys (byes guys)' all within the last week!?! its crazy!

pooks is doing good too. he's sleeping alot and growing. he can now roll belly-to-back like a pro, and if you support him he'll sit and stand. he loves to smile and laugh. he's a little social butterfly! i can't believe he's over 4 months old! he's sleeping thru the night too...from about 8pm til 5am, then he eats and goes back to sleep til almost 8 am. its wonderful. despite having two babies, i still get a full nights sleep! holla! :)

the boys had their check ups on thursday. bubba is 18 mos old, 23lbs and 31 inches tall. that puts him in the 25% percentile; a little on the small side but proportioned and healthy! pooks is opposite side of the spectrum...he's in the 75% percentile! 4 mos old, 16lb6oz and 25.5inches long...again healthy and proportionate, just big! there is only a 6lbs and 6 inches size difference between them. i'll update with pics once we get settled...they movers packed the camera cord so i can't transfer the pics yet. more later!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sorry, I've been MIA...

we have been SO flippin' busy. we spent 3 days last week in the big city trying to find a house/apt/townhome/duplex/SOMETHING to rent first thing in oct. after 2 days, many ups and downs, seeing some SERIOUS hellholes, we finally found a cute litte 3bd house. whew! one thing to cross off the list, a million more to go! i know that posts will be few and far between for a couples weeks, i apologize. but the good news is, once we get settled i will be updating EVERYDAY for my mama ;)

anywho, on to my boys:
pooks finally started rolling over! it only took 4 mos but he can now roll from belly to back with no problem. he's also started scooting...kinda like a military crawl but really dragging his body. basically now you can't turn your back at all because he's so mobile. he's also gaining weight like a we weighed him yesterday and he's around 17.5lbs. that is nuts to me, he's solid like a tank tho.

as for bubba...the kid makes me smile and sigh out loud at the same time! he is so 'go go go' all the time. nothing is gonna slow him down. he's eating anything and everything, which is great. he loves veggies, especially corn on the cob! i wouldn't think a 1.5y/o could really eat corn on the cob but he does and loves it. hell, now that he has 4 molars he'll eat steak if its cut into tiny pieces. i'm really nervous as to how this move will be for him.

here are some pics:

bubba wearing his shades, driving his out ladies!chillin' with my bro...

bubba reading to pooks...

bubba was going in for a kiss, but i think pooks thought he was about to get eaten!

bubba eating corn on the cob at chili's yesterday...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brotherly Love...

i just have a quick second, but i wanted to share this pic. its so 'brotherly love'. bubba was 'reading' a book to pooks yesterday morning. pooks was just sitting there listening and bubba was 'quack quacking'. too cute!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I got my mei tai carrier!! woohoo! this might not seem like a big deal, but for me it is a huge deal...i have waited awhile and i finally got a 'Babyhawk' carrier. having two kids under two, its an ordeal to go anywhere. especially when bubba runs everywhere! now i can keep him confined, and he thinks its fun.

whats really cool is that the same carrier can fit pooks, on my back or my tummy. both boys get a kick out it and it makes things so much easier.

it might look/sound like a heavy load, but actually its no different than wearing a backpack. it works great for housework, grocery shopping--even at the park. i wear pooks and bubba can play. i love it!

in addition to these pics, i have to share this pic of pooks....its fricking adorable!! definitely gives my mom a reason to call him 'Hoss'!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

The answer...

If you want to know 'which baby is which'....
Bubba is on the left in his excersaucer, Pooks in on the right on the floor.
(Bubba is older, he is now 17mos!).
Thanks for playing!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Movin' on up....

i don't think i ever blogged about B putting in for a promotion, but he did, about a month ago. we've been nervously waiting for news and its in: he got the job! no phone interview, no interview period--just referral and word of mouth, but he got it! its going to help out SO much; financially and with his happiness. the only downside is it's in another city, so we're going to be moving :(

i'm not gonna lie, its going to be hard for all of us. i hate change, good or bad. i've never lived that far from home, i've never lived in a 'city', the list goes on and on. but the good news is the pay, we get to get a new place which means i'll get to redecorate a little, the pay, and its change. i think it'll do us all a little good to start fresh as our new little family. so, that's the update!

now on to today!
we went to visit my brother matt and his girlfriend rachel. we talked, ate lunch and shopped---always a good day in my book! we bought the boys their Halloween costumes; pooks is going to be a skunk and bubba is going to be a monkey. their costumes are adorable! i can't wait for halloween, its my favorite holiday. among other things we also bought them matching baseball caps. i managed to catch a pic with both boys and their hats...its still in the store, but its a good picture so i don't care! i think its the only picture we have of me and both boys. so cute!