Friday, August 24, 2007

tonight's the night....

to find a cure!!

tonight i will be walking in the ACS Relay for Life! woohoo! i'm pretty proud of myself, i just joined my team Aug 1st or so, and in 3 weeks i received $195 in donations. holla! plus at our tent, i am going to be doing face painting..not dinky little face painting on the kids cheek, but painting full-face animals on the kiddos. i was gonna practice on bubba but that didn't work out. he took off running! it might be a couple days before i update again, and add pics. relay is all night tonight, then i have my partylite party tomorrow afternoon. i'm gonna be exhausted but it's going to be totally worth it.

as for the boys, not too much new has happened. yesterday bubba took a 3.5hour nap...not sure what that was all about but i wish he'd do it more often! i got so much accomplished in that time. pooks slept for 2 hours, during bubbas nap, so it worked out well. i'm assuming bubba's sleep schedule is all jacked up because of his teething...he's been waking up at night just fussing. poor kid.

well, someone is covered in peaches so i gotta go. :)

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  1. What is the younger child's name? Which one is bubba and which one is pooks? Still have your two dogs?


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