Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This morning's photo shoot...

i've been trying to get some really good pics of the boys, especially pooks since he's almost three months old. i can't believe that he's already 3 months old! but i decided rather than paying sears or walmart to take 'OK' pictures, i could take some cute ones at home. this morning Elmo was our prop, the boys both have Elmo slippers, and we have 2 Elmo 'dolls', so it seemed perfect. but apparently bubba is a little protective of his elmos cause we got 2 pics that were cute before he yanked elmo away from pooks, then hit pooks in the head with the other elmo! after that, it all went downhill. so here are the pics of the boys together.

this one is my favorite! the looks on both of their faces is it!

this one is 'ok' but i mostly like it because of the comparison of the boys' sizes. they are 13.5 months apart but pooks is already in size 3 diapers, bubba is in size 4! i haven't had pooks weighed recently but i'm sure he's almost 15lbs and bubba weighs 22lbs. pooks is catching up fast!

here is one of pooks looking ADORABLE! he's refusing to smile but still so cute!

here he is giving elmo a hug. seconds later, bubba swept elmo away and pooks started screaming...end of photo shoot!

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  1. Your children will love the photos when they realize the love and compassions you have for them!


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