Thursday, August 9, 2007


check out this video of pooks...the quality sucks because it was dark in the room and my dig. camera doesn't have a light. most of the 'awww'ness is in the sound, so make sure you have your volume up.

how cute was that? he is getting to be so active and talkative--i love it! he's at that age where he is really starting to do so much. he can do mini-push ups already and he is trying so hard to roll over. he sleeps on his tummy and i know one of these mornings i'm gonna find him on his back. its a double edge sword situation though; on one hand he is developing and learning so much but that also means he's no longer my little baby :(

no worries though, we're taking a looooong break from having babies!

in other news, bubba. one word is all it takes! he is a riot. he just loves to laugh and mimic and make other laugh. everything is a game to him and its so much fun! he's now started to put his own toys away, how great is that?

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