Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, tell me how you really feel!

lol. this is how i found pooks when he was napping this afternoon. i went in to check on him and saw him flipping me off; so what did i do....grabbed the camera! he cracks me up. obviously he has no clue, i'm pretty sure his finger just got caught while stretching but still, it was cute. ironically enough i think this is the third pic we have of him flipping us off...hmm.

on another note, today bubba is officially 17 months old! i can't believe that one of my babies is almost a year and a half old! yikes! they grow so quick! below is a pic of bubba in the tub tonight. we just got done brushing his teeth, but he was still saying 'aaaahhhhh'. he LOVES to brush his teeth. (boy did we get lucky!)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

this is a test...

my mom says that the boys look completely different, blah blah blah. i know they don't look the exact same, but i think they have ALOT of similarites, especially now that pooks is getting a lil bigger. so my blog readers, i need your help. in the following pic, who is bubba and who is pooks?? can you tell? one is pooks just the other day, and one is of bubba at the same age, last year. just leave me a comment on this blog of who is on the right, and who is on the left.
lastly, as long as i'm testing people....this is the test to see if my mom actually reads my blog like she says that she does. i know if she knows the the following pic is posted on the internet, i'll get a phone call.


Friday, August 24, 2007

tonight's the night....

to find a cure!!

tonight i will be walking in the ACS Relay for Life! woohoo! i'm pretty proud of myself, i just joined my team Aug 1st or so, and in 3 weeks i received $195 in donations. holla! plus at our tent, i am going to be doing face painting..not dinky little face painting on the kids cheek, but painting full-face animals on the kiddos. i was gonna practice on bubba but that didn't work out. he took off running! it might be a couple days before i update again, and add pics. relay is all night tonight, then i have my partylite party tomorrow afternoon. i'm gonna be exhausted but it's going to be totally worth it.

as for the boys, not too much new has happened. yesterday bubba took a 3.5hour nap...not sure what that was all about but i wish he'd do it more often! i got so much accomplished in that time. pooks slept for 2 hours, during bubbas nap, so it worked out well. i'm assuming bubba's sleep schedule is all jacked up because of his teething...he's been waking up at night just fussing. poor kid.

well, someone is covered in peaches so i gotta go. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ah ha!

i've had an 'ah ha!' moment...

my last post i commented on how bubba is getting so fussy and having temper tantrums, well i figured out why: both bottom molars have cut through the gum line. OUCH! i should have figured this out, he doesn't want to eat as much either. i feel bad for the little guy, so now that i know, when he is fussy i've been giving him some tylenol and that seems to help.

thats all for now, its too late! i know, i'm slacking as a blogger but these kiddos are wearing me out! ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy, Long Weekend...

we had a very busy end of the week! B had to go out of town for work on Thurs and we decided to all go. free stay in the Hyatt regency on the river, why not go?? it was the pooks' first time staying the night somewhere other than at home and first time in a hotel. it was a first for both of them going swimming, and bubba thought that he was hot stuff sleeping in the middle of the king size bed with mom and dad. B's trip down there turned even more exciting when he bought a motorcycle. he's been wanting one since he got back from iraq, and since he resigned with the reserves, he used part of the bonus to buy his dream bike. its a Honda Shadow 750---a cruiser bike not a 'crotch rocket'. its nice. bubba is scared to death of it. it bawls every time B get on it/rides it. poor kid.

as far as the boys, they are both doing great. bubba is starting to throw more temper tantrums, which i guess is to be expected. pooks is really starting to talk, smile, giggle and squeal. they both did super in the long car ride, they even slept the entire way home!

well, here are some pics from this weekend.

*the boys are ready to go swimming!*

*won't bubba love this pic when he's older?*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This morning's photo shoot...

i've been trying to get some really good pics of the boys, especially pooks since he's almost three months old. i can't believe that he's already 3 months old! but i decided rather than paying sears or walmart to take 'OK' pictures, i could take some cute ones at home. this morning Elmo was our prop, the boys both have Elmo slippers, and we have 2 Elmo 'dolls', so it seemed perfect. but apparently bubba is a little protective of his elmos cause we got 2 pics that were cute before he yanked elmo away from pooks, then hit pooks in the head with the other elmo! after that, it all went downhill. so here are the pics of the boys together.

this one is my favorite! the looks on both of their faces is priceless...love it!

this one is 'ok' but i mostly like it because of the comparison of the boys' sizes. they are 13.5 months apart but pooks is already in size 3 diapers, bubba is in size 4! i haven't had pooks weighed recently but i'm sure he's almost 15lbs and bubba weighs 22lbs. pooks is catching up fast!

here is one of pooks looking ADORABLE! he's refusing to smile but still so cute!

here he is giving elmo a hug. seconds later, bubba swept elmo away and pooks started screaming...end of photo shoot!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

wow! that lasted long...

so i am no longer a working girl! i know i know, i was employed for a whopping 11 days, working a total of 8 shifts but i just couldn't do it.

i won't even get into all the mgmt/schedule crap that was an issue. the main problem was i worked 5-6 hours without breastfeeding or pumping and my milk supply was dropping--fast! ultimately breastfeeding is more important. i'm not going to give pooks formula because my supply dried up, because i was working; then use my paycheck to buy the formula i wouldn't even need if i wasn't working. hypothetically, if i had continued working i would have ended up switching pooks to formula, which would cost a total of almost $165/month. i only make a little over $500. So is it worth $300 a month to be away from the boys and B 5 nights a week? i think not. so not only did i quit but i didn't give a two weeks notice either. that would kinda defeat the purpose of keeping my milk supply up, if i let it dry up the next 2 weeks.

oh well. i'll enjoy giving the boys baths, going on walks, and actually seeing my hubby for more than 5 mins a day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

my little stuntman...

today bubba woke up at 5am. i convinced him to cuddle with me til almost 7, but he wouldn't sleep. he'd play peekaboo, he looked out the window, he'd bark like a dog...all while laying in bed, but he wouldn't sleep. therefore, i couldn't sleep because he could fall off. well naturally, i assumed since he had been up so early he would be kinda tired today.


really wrong.

i fed him breakfast and started his seasame st. dvd so i could hop in the shower. he's blocked off in the living room and can't get into anything, so it works great for about 10min. (pooks was asleep in his crib). well when i got out of the shower, bubba was standing against the back of the loveseat looking out the front window. he's never climbed up on the loveseat by himself before. but there he was bouncing around, listening to his dvd, on the seat. so i set him down, he crawled right back up again. i finally distracted him singing and being silly. for about 1.5 hours.

for lunch i made him a PBJ. while i was cutting it into 'fingers' i could hear him banging some plastic thing; but when i looked into the living room...no bubba. so i call for him, and i hear the hitting the noise. i look over to find that he has pulled out the chair to the kitchen table, climbed up on it and is sitting on his knees infront of the laptop, banging on the keys. about gave me a heart attack! in one day, where he should have been completely out of energy, he managed to climb on to EVERYTHING!

so my question for the day is, how the heck do you babyproof a loveseat??

Thursday, August 9, 2007


check out this video of pooks...the quality sucks because it was dark in the room and my dig. camera doesn't have a light. most of the 'awww'ness is in the sound, so make sure you have your volume up.

how cute was that? he is getting to be so active and talkative--i love it! he's at that age where he is really starting to do so much. he can do mini-push ups already and he is trying so hard to roll over. he sleeps on his tummy and i know one of these mornings i'm gonna find him on his back. its a double edge sword situation though; on one hand he is developing and learning so much but that also means he's no longer my little baby :(

no worries though, we're taking a looooong break from having babies!

in other news, bubba. one word is all it takes! he is a riot. he just loves to laugh and mimic and make other laugh. everything is a game to him and its so much fun! he's now started to put his own toys away, how great is that?

Monday, August 6, 2007

What the heck's a Bumbo anyways??

this is pooks in his bumbo seat.
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let me clarify:

it is not a potty.

it is not inflatable.

its a foamy little pod shaped seat. its for babies who are too little to sit up on their own. because of its shape, the baby is able to sit up (if they have head control) and look around. thus allowing the Lil guy to see things from an angle/view he normally wouldn't get too.

pooks loves it. he just immediately looks around and smiles and coos.
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bubba loves it too. for different reasons. he likes to sit in it and laugh, at himself. he likes to push pooks around the room in it (SCARY FOR MOM!). he likes to turn it upside down. he likes to set it in front of the TV and watch 'sesame street'.

i would like to say 'thank you' to the maker of the bumbo. while it may cost almost $40 for a piece of odd shaped, bright-ass foam, it is genius and highly entertaining! so if you were wondering what a Bumbo was, consider yourself educated!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

snap-happy kinda day...

we had a lazy family day today and it was great! we went out for breakfast, ran errands, came home and took a family nap. then ate lunch, hung out, then went to moms for sunday dinner.

at moms, bubba got to have a 'drumstick' ice cream cone and he played on his outdoor slide, indoors because it was raining. overall it was a good, relaxing day!

Here is pooks, making little faces in bed this morning...

bubba shocked that he did it all by himself!

pooks in his bouncy seat, giving the camera a little smile:

bubba enjoying his ice cream cone:

Friday, August 3, 2007

Working girl...

well, i took the plunge and got a part time job in the evenings. its a pud job, really easy and laid back. i work from 6pm-11 so bubba and pooks don't have to go to daycare. yesterday was my first day, and it went pretty good. tonight the job got easier but being away from the kids started to hit home. i know its only 5 hours and they go to bed around 8pm but still. i don't get to bathe them, i don't get to do our usual baby massage with pooks or read bubba a story. i get to help retarded customers with attitude problems. woohoo.

plus i don't get any time with B. i literally walk out the door less than five minutes after he walked through it. i ramble off the last time pooks ate, tell him whats for dinner and what the status is on that, kiss the boys, kiss him and i'm out the door. he's done great though. i come home to a cleaned up house, the boys are asleep and i don't have to worry about doing anything before i go to bed. he even waits up for me! its nice, but i told him to catch some zzz's while he has the chance ;)

as for pooks and bubba, they are cuter than yesterday! pooks is really starting to smile, grin, laugh and babble. he just 'talks' and talks. the best time is right after a bottle...he is so happy and content he'll just grin. its so cute! i got some really great pics today but i'm too lazy to upload them onto the computer right now. maybe tomorrow.

bubba, man does he keep me on my toes! today while i was changing pooks diaper, bubba stuck his finger in the electrical outlet. he didn't get hurt, but it scared the hell out of him. he came running to me holding his little hand, and whining. when we came out to the living room he kept pointing at the outlet and grunting. poor kid. the outlet cover was right there on the floor. i don't know if B or i forgot to put it back in, or if he got it out. the little explorer, i'll have to really keep an eye on him around that outlet!